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A quick overview of where I am now

A lot has happened since I have last been able to post, so let me give you the quick update, then go into what I am doing now.

I absolutely love Italy(still) and have gone on multiple adventures. My parents came and visited me, we went to Florence, which I enjoyed, and they got to see me play for my pro team, Rhea, and the Venezuela National Team. Oh, I also went to Venezuela a bit before that. I went to Venice, its pretty, but I like Rome and Florence more, and I checked out a torture museum while I was there(which I highly recommend, it was very interesting). You can see more about these trips in the videos I made on my social media accounts as I will not be able to post them on my website until we are done traveling.

Currently, I am sitting in my room at the athlete’s village at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla, Colombia. We started games the 20th, and opening ceremonies were the 19th, with Shakira headlining them(more to come on that). We arrived around 1 AM in the morning here, but did not get to the village till about 2 AM, where they then took us to the giant food tent to get a midnight snack.

The reality of getting to be here and compete in these games really hit when traveling on the plane here, surrounded by the athletes of Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Barbados on our flight from Miami to Colombia. However, the flight wasn’t too smooth as the final leg of our trip was delayed and after sitting on the plane for an hour, we had to deplane, then wait another hour, to get on another plane, to wait another hour before we could finally take off. Then one of my teammate’s bags didn’t make it to add onto the stress. Fortunately, we have today to adjust to the heat and humidity here in Barranquilla.

But where did we come from? Well, last week we played in the USA International Cup(formally USA World Cup) in Irvine, California. If you have been with me a while, you would also know that I announced those games for their live streams back in 2014 and 15. Of course you dream of playing in that tournament representing your country growing up and it was incredible having that opportunity. We played against teams like Japan, USA, Mexico, and more.

This journey has been incredible and I have a great deal of pride in wearing the Venezuela uniform. Follow along to see what happens next!

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