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Finally in Japan!

So after years of waiting, yes I mean years, I am finally in Japan. It has been my dream since I was about 12 years old and to be honest, I can't believe it is finally coming true.

To start off, the flight was about 11 hours or so. I sat next to this super cute Japanese couple, who at one point, I heard them talking about me and my height and when the guy in the couple said (all of this in Japanese), "I wonder how tall she is," I had a lot of satisfaction being able to look at them and say, "6ft 3in." They did not speak to me the rest of the flight...

Senior Councilors on our hike.

At this point, I have been in Japan for about three days and so far I absolutely love it. The reasoning for being here is that I am working as a senior counselor for this series of American sports camps in Japan called Sports Camps of America. There are actually about 15 more senior counselors from Division I schools who all play(or recently graduated) college athletics. I will also throw this out there, they are absolutely awesome. We have already grown pretty close and I can't wait to see these friendships grow over the next five weeks of camp and then Tokyo.

But anyways, Japan is great. Those who know me know I love sushi and yes I have already had

some (here is a picture of it). I actually had it at the train station in Tokyo once we landed in Japan. And yes, it was so good! I was so happy. From Tokyo we took a train out to a town called Izu where we then took a cab to the camp site for the first two weeks called MOA. The camp location is absolutely beautiful, this picture right there is from up the hill of the place where I took a morning run.

These past few days we have been preparing for when the campers arrive today(in Japan time). We have learned different ways to communicate with the campers because even though some of us know some Japanese(such as myself) but because it is an English camp, we have to keep Japanese to a minimum. It is actually difficult trying to explain how to play sports like football to people with minimum English skills, but fortunately we have been practicing and preparing so we are all feeling pretty good going into the day. One example for you wonderful readers is of my directing a skit with some of the other senior counselors who are pretending to be limited English speaking Japanese kids(at full height). Hope y'all get a laugh like we all did.

Yesterday we also had a half day off after out training to just hang out and we decided to take a hike of the rest of the MOA land. We went out to these beautiful lookouts as well as a small creek. With how busy our days are, I am not positive of when I will be able to edit it, but when I do I will post a video of the hike.

I will keep you all updated when I can!

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